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CBD Benefits

CBD massages give breakthrough benefits with no psychoactive effects. Stress reducing, pain relieving and anti inflammatory, it offers a new way to help clients on their road to recovery. Helps to get clients back to doing things they enjoy doing.

*reduce pain and inflammation

*reducing or eliminating seizures

*reduces anxiety

*helps manage mental illness as an antipysychotic agent

*reduces muscle spasms and spasms of the small intestine

*protecting the nervous system and managing dementia and Parkinson disease

*helps maintain a healthy balance of calcium in nerve cells, which wards off the electrical overloads and damage that happen during seizures

*promotes homeostasis

*promotes an increased sense of calm, diminished anxiety, improved mood, relaxation and sometimes a mild loosening of the muscles

CBD Massage 
Swedish1/2 hour $60
Swedish 1 hour $80
Deep Tissue 1/2 hour   $70
Deep Tissue 1 hour $90

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